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Electric forklift circuit system and battery fault check

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Electric forklift circuit system and battery fault check

After the electric forklift is longer, there will be a failure, such as the failure of the electric forklift power system. It is mainly reflected in the case where the charging voltage is too low, too high or not charging.

1. When the engine of the electric forklift is working, the charging indicator flicks and is when the current table is swinging in the zero position, and the electric assembly can be measured using the hull of the electric assembly of the electric fork or vehicle power generation. How much is the voltage value at both ends of the machine.
If the voltage value is low, then the voltage is too low, it demonstrates the voltage of the electric forklift charging. This situation is mainly because the working voltage disorders of the regulator or the rotor, the generator inside the stator, the transmission belt loose, and the like have failed.
2, the engine of the electric forklift has a case where the bulb is easily burned in the process of operation, or too much electrolyte loss of the battery. In the use of a plurality of electric assemblies that can use the multimeter, the voltage value is measured at both ends of the electric fork of the vehicle or the vehicle generator, and if the value exceeds the standard value, then the voltage charged by the electric forklift is too high. Then there may be faults in the operating voltage of the regulator.
3. When the engine of the electric forklift is in normal operation, the charged indicator light is on or when the current table points to the negative direction, then it is proved that the electric forklift is not generated, the battery is not charged. This fault is mainly there is an electric line, regulator, generator, and more, there is a failure, and it needs to be repaired. 


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