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Electric forklift is used, how to solve problems when starting

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Electric forklift is used, how to solve problems when startingIf a little gasoline is added to the intake pipe, or the engine still starts difficult, the engine still starts difficult, then the cylinder pressure failure should be measured in the ignition system, detachable or replace the spark plug, such as the fault Unexpected, the ignition system should be fully inspected.
If the engine is not easy to start during the cold car, while the hot train starts normally, it should first check that the engine is provided with a cold-proof injector. For engines with cold start injectors, it should be checked whether the cold start injector work is normal. First check that there is no voltage of about 12V at a cold-moving injector wire beam plug at starts. If there is no voltage, the control circuit is faulty and should be checked and the cold start temperature switch and its control circuit. If there is a voltage at the line beam insert at the start, it should be checked whether the cold start inletter electromagnetic coil is normal, and the spray hole has no blockage.
If the engine does not set a cold-proof injector, it should first determine whether the cold car starts due to the mixed gas, can add a little gasoline to the intake pipe, or into the intake pipe, a small oil absorber cleaning agent Then, then start the engine, if the engine can start normally, the reason for the difficulty of starting when the cold car is too thin, and the water temperature sensor, injector, air flow meter or intractant pressure sensor should be further examined. If the check is not abnormal, the cleaning injector is detachable.
What if the electric forklift does not in use? How do you go to troubleshoot your questions?

The first is to open the hood, pull out the center of the electrical circuit, 6, 7 mm from the cylinder block, turn on the ignition switch, shake the crankshaft, see the high voltage line to generate an electric spark. If there is no spark, it is a low-voltage circuit with short circuit, open circuit or ignition coil, and the central high voltage line is faulty. It can be used alternately, closed contacts, and observe the current table pointer reading. If the current table indicates the discharge of 3–5a, and the oscillate is done, it indicates that the low voltage circuit is good, the fault occurs in the high voltage circuit; if the current table pointer does not swing, it indicates that the low voltage circuit has a broken circuit; if the current meter is high, it means that there is a low voltage circuit. Iron failure. If the spark is too strong, it produces a blue white spark. Then, the low voltage circuit and the ignition coil are good, the fault is in the dispenser and the spark plug high voltage circuit. Remove the high pressure thread from the top of the spark plug, rock the crankshaft pair of body test fire, such as no fire should check the hire head, the divider cover and the high-voltage dividend leakage, there is a spark to check the ignition timing and the working situation of the spark plug.

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