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Electric forklift motor brakes

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Electric forklift motor brakesThe electric forklift motor is the most important part of the entire electric forklift. There are many problems that need to be paid attention to when using, including the addition of the brakes, there are many precautions. The following article is detailed. Explain, let’s take a look.
1. The electric forklift motor brake has a certain toxicity, and it is not introduced when introduced.
2, the electric forklift motor brake fluid has damage to the coating of the body surface, which will attack “bites the lacquer icon”. Thus, when communicating and filling, beware of the brake droplets falling on the coating of the body.
4. Prevent mixing with other brake fluids from being used. After mixing, a turbidity or accumulation table is shown, which is not only greatly reduced by the function of the original brach, and the accumulation of particles will block the path to constitute a serious consequence of braking failure.

The text explanation is to pay attention to the loss of the electric forklift motor brake fluid, and the operator pays attention to these questions when introducing brake fluid, so that it is necessary to ensure the introduction of the security and role. I hope that the content explained in the text helps everyone.

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