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Electric forklift replacement battery

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Electric forklift replacement batteryElectric forklift replacement battery

1) Remove the battery stationary screw

2) remove the cable from the battery terminal
3) Slide out or hang out the battery
4) Install the battery in the reverse process indicated above, fastened and connected correctly.
(Alternative battery must be the same model)
1) Charging should be in good ventilation, open the upper cover or take the battery from the forklift
2) Never allow the battery to expose the battery to an open flame, and the formed explosive gas may cause a fire.
3) Never do a temporary wiring or error wiring
4) The terminals must be tensioned and the cable insulation must be reliable.
5) The battery should be cleaned, dried, and dust is removed.
6) Do not place tools or other metal objects on the battery.
7) The temperature of the electrolytic solution must not exceed 45 ¡ã C during charging
8) Charging End To check the electrolyte liquid surface, it should be 15mm above the separator, and under normal circumstances, the distilled water is generally replenished once.
9) Avoid contact with skin and acid solution, once in contact with a lot of soapy water or ask doctors

10) Waste batteries should be handled according to local regulations.

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