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Electric forklifts are precisely

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Electric forklifts are preciselyElectric forklifts are precisely
The electric forklift is a forklift for the operation of the operation, most of which is working for the battery, and its work should be aware of the following matters under low temperature conditions:
1. Before entering the cold, do a good job in seasonal maintenance work, the relevant parts of the engine and chassis use the cold area lubricant, and the operation should be slowly accelerated.
2. For the forklift, it is forbidden to turn sharply and urgently brake. When the ice and snow weather is driving on a ramp or a field of field, it is necessary to take anti-slip measures such as paving furnace ash, draft.
3. When starting to start, the lubricating oil film between the various sports parts is insufficient, and the semi-liquid friction or even dry friction is generated after starting. At the same time, due to the low temperature, the internal liquid viscosity is large, and the lubricating oil on the wall of the cylinder wall is diluted, so that the lubricating oil can be lowered, exacerbated the wear of the engine machine, and shorten the life of the engine. Therefore, in the case of poor heating conditions in the cold season, preheating should be performed, and the method of adding heat water is generally used to improve the temperature of the battery.
4. In the forklift operation, various measures should be taken to maintain the normal operating temperature of the battery.
5. Open-air stored forklifts should be purified or add antifreeze to avoid freezing batteries.
Why make the pure water:
1. Requests at all times, no matter how the full-electric forklift battery liquid level changes, the full electric forklift battery fluid must immerse the polar plate (the plate is not revealing the full electric forklift battery), so that it will give it a planned request ( capacity). The full-electric forklift battery capacity is related to the area of ​​the full-electrofolding battery fluid in contact with the full-electric forkle battery pole plate.
2, the full-electric forklift battery should adhere to the concentration of the total electric forklift battery and the concentration of the concentration between the various unit full-electric studs. Otherwise, there is a potential difference between the entire unit full-electric studding battery, and the circulation affects the power of the full power forklift battery pack. The total electric forklift battery voltage and the concentration of the full-electric conjunction battery fluid are related.
3. Accurately make up for water to have main effects and service life of all-electric forklift batteries and can be reduced and reduced sulfate. CIC Logistics
How to make up for water:
1, must be carried out within 1-2 hours after the full-electric circuit battery is fully charged
2. After the full-electric forkle battery is used, the amount of liquid level (based on splashing) should still (acknowledging that the full-electric concurrent vehicle battery polar plate is not revealed) detected in the upper charge and discharge cycle.
3, the liquid level should be higher than the splash of 5-10 mm, but not too high (based on splashing).

4. After several charge and discharge cycles, the total electric forklift battery fluid is charged until it can be recharged, and the specific gravity of the full electric forklift battery is measured. . The proportion is adjusted between (1.27-1.29) g / cm3 (enabling the specific gravity of each unit full electric forklift battery.). After adjustment, charging is made to make the whole electric forkle battery liquid uniform, and this item should be carried out by professionals.

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