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Electric front shift forklift maintenance knowledge

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Electric front shift forklift maintenance knowledge1. Maintenance summary
1) The forklift needs to be regularly inspected and maintained to make it in a good state; some key security parts should be replaced regularly as required.
2) Use the company’s pure parts. Do not use different models of oil when replacing or refueling.
3) If you find that there is a damage or failure, you should report to managers, prohibiting use forklift before repair.
If you need emergency repair, you must drag the forklift to a safe place in accordance with the specification, and then repaire the personnel who have been trained and assess.
4) No repair forklifts are prohibited without training.
2. Starting essential
1) Hydraulic oil oil volume: The oil surface should be in the middle of the oil level.
2) Check if the pipe, joint, pump and valve are leaking and damaged.
3) Check the driving brake: The brake pedal air stroke should be 40mm, the gap between the front bottom plate and the pedal should be greater than 20 mm.
4) Check the brake function: When the hand-made handle pulls the bottom, it should be on the 20% ramp (no load).
5) Instrumentation and lighting, etc.
3. Cooling system precautions
1) In the process of use, if you encounter the heat sink “cooled” or the coolant temperature is too high, do not immediately open the heat sink cover, in order to find the case, you must open the cover, you should reduce the engine to medium speed, Slowly rotate the heat sink cover, wait a while, then remove the radiator cover to prevent the coolant to splash out of the fire. When tightening the heat sink cover, be sure to screw in place, otherwise it is difficult to establish a prescribed pressure system.
2) As the left side of the forklift engine is equipped with a replenishment tank, a tank tag has a Full and a Low mark, and the antifreeze surface should be printed between the antifreeze liquid. The antifreeze should be added to the same model of anti-rust antifreeze after leakage or evaporation. Antifreeze fluid winter and summer, four seasons do not change. Generally, it is possible to make filter purification processing, and then continue to use. The antifreeze is toxic and the dangerous logo should be marked, placed in the place where the hand is not. If you accidentally misunderstand, please disturbing immediately and will be urgently sent to the hospital for treatment.

3) According to different conditions conditions, the dirt surface of the outer surface of the radiator should be removed, and the detergent is immersed, and the compressed air or high pressure water (pressure is not more than 4 kg / cm2) can also be rinsed.

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