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Electric Golf Battery Battery Precautions

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Electric Golf Battery Battery Precautions1 Features, the function is lowered until the life is stopped. Therefore, when using a battery, depth discharge should be avoided to achieve shallow discharge and charging. In general, the battery only charges once when the discharge depth is 50% -70%.
2. After the electric golf cart battery is discharged, the discharge will continue to discharge the electric golf car battery, because it is easy to form an irreversible sulfate, and the recovery ability is poor, and cannot be repaired. Therefore, when the battery is applied, discharge should be avoided, and the pressure protection is effective measures. The pressure deficiencies is operated by the controller of the electric vehicle, but because the power consumed by the electric vehicle’s instrument and indicator light, the power of the electric vehicle is not operated by the controller, the lock of the electric car begins to consume electric power, the current is small, but long When the time is discharged, the battery will discharge. Therefore, don’t unlock it for a long time, it should be closed immediately when not in use.
3. The charging current requires less than the charging current that the battery can bear. Otherwise, over-charging excessive current will make the electrolytic hydrolysis of the hydrolyzate, severe precision phenomenon, which has become difficult to charge over time, and try to avoid excessive charging when charging. The charger produced by the regular manufacturer ensures that the battery is not charged.
4, lead electric golf car battery is particularly afraid of power loss discharge, battery loss is placed for 3 to 7 days, may continue to be damaged, so the electric golf cart battery is used to charge it. Battery that is not used for a long time, charges the battery once every 15 days, compensates for the self-discharge power loss during the battery storage.
5, the battery is running in high temperature season, mainly with charging problems. Therefore, in the summer, try to reduce electric golf car battery temperature to ensure good heat dissipation, avoid charging after cool sun, away from the heat source. At low temperatures, the charge of charging is poor, and the charging is insufficient to cause the battery to be shortened. Temperature should take insulation and anti-frozen measures, especially when charging should be placed in a warm environment, which is advantageous to ensure sufficient power, avoid the occurrence of non-reversible sulfate, and extend battery life. 


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