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Electric vehicle trends: used as architectural battery and emergency power supply

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Electric vehicle trends: used as architectural battery and emergency power supplyUsing electric vehicles as a battery, with PV-powered systems to provide electricity for residential and buildings, this initiative has begun. The use method is used as a emergency power supply, or is used as a spare power supply to suppress peak power when the peak power is used.

Even with photovoltaic power generation, if the electric power cannot be stored, it can only be discarded. These surplus power are stored in the battery of the electric vehicle, and the electricity is discharged from the parking lot to provide electricity in the parking lot to provide power, so that the generated electricity can be sold or stored in a suitable period. How to use and fixed in the facility“Setting battery”Slightly different, improve the power supply rate.

From the relationship between electric vehicles and the city, it is guaranteed that each building has dozens of electric cars, and it is possible to connect to the building power system when parking, etc., if such a mechanism is established, Enables electric vehicles to act as emergency power supplies in each region. Even in peacetime, you can use the spare power of the building during the peak of power demand in the summer, to reduce the peak power. Currently, companies are committed to using this electric car unique attempt.

The car also has equipment value outside the driving time, and it is responsible for the role of the social infrastructure of electricity. From this point of view, new operators participate in construction and urban construction can be said to be an inevitable trend.

Nowadays, the idea of ​​car manufacturers is not only developing, manufacturing and selling electric vehicles, but also including residential construction and urban construction, which is very obvious. In the empirical trial of smart grids and intelligent cities, electric vehicles have been used as a battery. By combining renewable energy, it has begun to make the building and regional electricity proximity to self-sufficiency. 


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