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Electrolytic solution formulation of electric forklift battery

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Electrolytic solution formulation of electric forklift batteryThe electric forklift battery relies on electrolyte and polar plate to generate electrochemistry. What is the sacred electrolyte? How often is it harmful to people, we follow Xiaobian to understand the lower electrolyte knowledge: forklift battery The electrolyte used is made of sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid has a strong water absorbing capacity, and the oxidation properties are very intense, regardless of metals such as clothes or copper and zinc, will be corroded.

Therefore, in operation, you must be careful not to splash the sulfuric acid, especially in contact with the skin or splash into the eye. The electrolyte used in the battery is a solution of dilute sulfuric acid, i.e., water and pure sulfuric acid, according to a certain proportion. When pure sulfuric acid and water contact, the water immediately is attracted by pure sulfuric acid to produce a large amount of heat, and if more water is poured into sulfuric acid, the container can be exploded, and the consequences are more severe. Therefore, when pouring sulfuric acid into the water, it must be slowly divided into several times. To avoid too much heat.

The sulfuric acid used in the forklift battery must be very pure, the national standard is determined, and the battery should be specially used in accordance with the chemical department “HGB1008-59”, and there is a manufacturer’s qualified documents. When other primary primary sulfuric acids are used, their physical and chemical properties should meet the regulations. Other grades of sulfuric acid can be divided into industrial and chemicals according to their purity, so that the modulation of the electrolyte should have a factory certificate, and can be used after passing the test.

Generally, chemical sulfuric acid is generally used, but industrial sulfuric acid impurities can be used under specified standards, which is low due to low prices of industrial sulfuric acid. The water used in the forklift battery must be distilled water, and the water quality of distilled water should also meet the specification. The purity of sulfuric acid and distilled water is extremely important, so it can directly affect the life of the battery, so it must be used after the test. The newly prepared electrolyte (dilute acid) generally does not perform the test, only in suspected, the test is performed and should meet the requirements of the standard. When preparing the electrolyte, it should be measured. Commonly used a gravity method to determine. And in accordance with the technical requirements of the product, each type of lead battery has different specific gravity requirements of electrolyte. The battery used in the project is typically 1.215 ¡À 0.005 at 25 ¡ã C. The specific gravity of the liquid is the weight ratio of the liquid and the weight of the same volume of water, which is closely related to the temperature. When the temperature is increased, the sulfuric acid solution should be hot and expanded. When measuring the specific gravity of the sulfuric acid solution in the battery, at 25 ¡ã C as standard, when the temperature is not 25 ¡ã C, the proportion of pure sulfuric acid is about 1.830. The electrolytic solution used in the battery is a dilute sulfuric acid having a weight of 1.20 to 1.29, so it is necessary to mix concentrated sulfuric acid and distilled water into a suitable specific gravity dilute sulf 


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