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Enterprise purchase forklift battery purchase precautions

Enterprise purchase forklift battery purchase precautionsThe forklift battery is factory-in-electric forklift, which can choose different capacity standard or high-profile lead-acid battery packs. According to its own workload, the weight of the cargo, the number of cycle life can be selected, and the forklift battery brand allows companies to provide reference Different battery brands at home and abroad.

Pay attention to the following points when you purchase forklifts:

1. The whole vehicle is high, this is to match the trailer, so make a measurement in advance.

2. The maximum walking speed, some users have a high work strength, so they should consider this factor.

3. The larger the maximum traction of the vehicle, the greater the acceleration; the higher the working efficiency is higher for electric tray.

4. Brake system ensures that vehicles can safely park on slopes, improve safety, reduce loss, so that the whole vehicle has longer service life.

5. Manufacturers and after-sales must choose a regular manufacturer's products, all products and accessories need to be guaranteed, and the normal warranty time of additional products is one year, after-sales problems during this period, manufacturers must be responsible, so products The most item last sale has to pay attention to a piece.

6. Rated load, this is to look at the pendant or trailer in the homework, the general load, the general force-shaped rated load range from 500-6000kg, and the user is purchased. You need to have a detailed understanding of your work vehicle to start the next purchase.

7. Type of operation, force shape has a driving power tray, stand-free electric tray, electronic power station driving station driving electric tray, electric animal tray, electric tractor, etc. It is necessary to select according to the characteristics of the user, such as the job time is generally long, the load capacity requires a relatively large customer, should choose to take the electric tray car. A short time, and the load capacity is lighter, and a station-driven or walking electric tray will be used.

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