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Excessive charge and discharge to the golf storage battery

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Excessive charge and discharge to the golf storage batteryExcessive charge and discharge, which affects the golf cart battery, wide application in my high-end stadium electric car, need to invest hundreds of thousands of battery costs each year, using maintenance is the key, this can reduce the cost of running in the stadium, too high The charging voltage will result in hydrogen in electrolyte, and the phenomenon of generating electrolytic water, the electrolysis reaction causes temperature rise, limited by heat dissipation conditions, and most of the heat is internally, exacerbated the reaction speed, can destroy in a short time The entire battery; on another aspect of the golf cart battery, the number of gas generated by the electrolytic reaction exceeds the threshold, the battery is rolled out by the valve, resulting in water loss, if more than 10%, the plate is cracking, eventually leading to the raised, scrapped . If you make a pressure, then its internal activity
The substance does not have effective recovery, which causes electrode plate sulfate, causing the resistance to increase. This can result in a large amount of sulfate in the battery to be adsorbed to the cathode surface, forming sulfate of the battery anode plate, due to the lead of sulfate is an insulator, causing a bad impact on charge and discharge. The more sulfate of the plate, the larger the internal resistance of the battery, the worse the chargeable dischargeability of the battery. Every time the battery is over, it will lead to a decline in the actual battery capacity. As the number of times is increasing, the actual capacity of the battery pack has continuously declined. Once the city is interrupted, the actual reserve schedule of the battery is far less than the original design value. 


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