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Explain the process of driving forklift

Explain the process of driving forkliftElectric forklift is an industrial handling vehicle, commonly used in various wheel handling vehicles for loading, stacking and short-range transport operations, widely used in port, station, airport, etc. The fork is a driving license for the field motor vehicle that requires the Technical Supervision Bureau. If you don't have this certificate, you are eligible for your forklift, and you drive for forked, it is illegal driving. Forklift battery
The first thing to say is that the forklift driver's license is actually the "special operation personnel" issued by the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, and there is no relationship with the traffic police department of road motor vehicles. The normal application certificate procedure is as follows:
1. Holding a forklift special operation training course must be reported to the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in advance.
2. The forklift special operation training agency must report the city Quality Supervision Bureau for a week before the application for assessment.
3. After receiving the report of the application for assessment, the Municipal Bureau agreed to the date of assessment, and dispatched the examination staff to the training institution's examination. The number of examination volumes was determined according to the number of applicants, and the test paper was taken after the test paper was sealed.
4. After the assessment is over, the assessor has been evaluated within 2 days.
5, the personnel of the assessment fill in the "Special Work Operation Certificate Application Registration Form" and to the relevant hospital for physical conditions, the doctor made medical examination in the "Application Registration Form", signed the name, and covered the hospital official seal.
6. Training agencies sign their opinions, person in charge of the person in charge of the "Application Registration Form", and cover the training institution's official seal.
7. The assessor fills in the assessment results in the "Application Registration Form" and signs the name.
8. Training agencies register the "Application Form for Special Work Operation Certificate", and sign the opinion, along with the "Application Registration Form", Test Paper, "Examination Qualified List Summary Table" to report the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to apply for documents.
9. The Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has conducted the first trial, and signed advice on the "Application Form" and "Application Registration Form" and registered.
10. The person in charge of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau conducts the final review and signs comments on the "Application Form".
11. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has organized a certificate.
How to test for fork car? Forklift driver's license exam is divided into theoretical examination section and the actual operation test section
2, the actual operational exam on the assessment standards and technical specifications of the '8' word pile test and fork.
Fork car application conditions
1. Application conditions and required information:
1, 1 copy of the ID card, the graduation certificate, (ID card needs to be opposite, require junior high school or above)
2, 1 inch red bottom 6, Note: 18-55 years old can report exam

3. Fill in the test application form to fill in the complete (must cover the official seal)

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