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Explain the reasons for the scrap of lead-acid batteries

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Explain the reasons for the scrap of lead-acid batteriesIn order to extend the life of the lead-acid battery, we also develop battery protector and battery delay in 2005. It is an electronic product that is powered on both ends of the battery, which is low energy consumption.
There are many aspects of the lead-acid battery polar plate to produce sulfide lead crystals. The longest see is that the battery is not used for a long time. For example, the new factory in the automobile manufacturing plant has not sold out for a long time, stopping in the garage, time long, The queue does not expect the fire, the battery is broken, the reason is that a large substrate has been largely generated by a vulcanized lead crystallization.

The reasons why the lead-acid storage battery can be roughly divided into three: one is due to the seriousness of overcharge or over-discharge. Such as a taxi driving on a day and night, its battery is often working in the absence of water, and the generator is floating, causing battery heating, polar bending short circuit batteries; the battery is overcharged, the electrolyte will The temperature will be as serious as it is boiling, and the upper and lower, the electrolyte is flipped, and the lead powder will fall off, the time is long, the more the lead powder, the higher the lead, and the polar plate when leading the lead Short circuit, thus making the battery scrapped.

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