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Faced with the lead-acid battery industry

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Faced with the lead-acid battery industry  “Many companies don’t feel stressful, but in fact, we have already happened, any small fluctuations may cause the industry to cover up!”

  In the amazing words, Zhang Hua, deputy chairman of the Lead Acid Branch Branch of China Electrical Industry Association.

  Although his reminder is more warning, the heavy metal pollution problem exposed is indeed pushed the lead-acid battery industry on the tip of the wind. What should I walk in the next step, it is pressed in every lead-acid battery person’s heart.

  At the 6th National Nine Board of Lead Acid Battery Industry Association held in Beijing, in addition to discussing the renewal options, making a summary, amending the relevant policies of the Association’s work regulations, and the relevant policies of new implementations, more time, Everyone pays attention to the challenges of how to face the industry.

Facing an environmental test

  “30 years ago, there were only 50 lead-acid battery companies in China, and the employees were about 30,000; now there were more than 1,500 companies, and the employees were about 450,000; 30 years ago, the market only car communications, etc. Almost cover the entire field of the national economy; 30 years ago, the export of lead-acid batteries was zero, but now it has become the largest lead-acid battery exporter in the world.”

  Zhang Huanan a group of row of rows, briefly reviewing the past and present students in the industry. Although my country is the largest lead-acid battery production country and the largest lead-acid battery consumption, and the lead-acid battery technology level has also reached the international advanced level, but the bronchi is below, it is posted.“Sunset industry”Label, hit high pollution“brand”The lead-acid battery industry, the road is not flat.

  “The State Council has officially approved “Heavy Metal Pollution Comprehensive Prevention and Control‘Twelve Five’Planning, the focus of this year’s investigation or the lead-acid battery industry.”An internal person of the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that“Find one, solve one, warning one”. According to reports, the toning is“The attitude should be resolute, and the means should be severe.”.

  It is understood that the above-mentioned “prevention and control plan” lists 14 heavy metal pollution comprehensive prevention and control, including 14 heavy metal pollution in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu Province, and 4452 key prevention and control enterprises, while delineating 141 according to pollution emissions and environmental conditions Lead-acid battery companies, 7 key areas, comprehensive prevention and control of lead-acid batteries. At the same time, battery industrial pollutant emission standards are in demanding the second standard and is expected to be released this year. 

  In addition, the state will also implement production access systems in the lead-acid battery industry in the near future and implement cleaning production programs.

  Before the increasingly severe pollution rectification, the lead-acid battery industry is difficult to easily.

Industry fish dragon mix

  “The whole industry needs to re-examine the importance of environmental protection and invest more funds, and some companies face the problem of resending relocation in the last five years.”Wang Lijun, Secretary-General of Lead Acid Reservoir Branch, reminded that environmental supervision will be more stringent in the future, and the threshold for new plants will also increase. 

  In her opinion, the country first introduced this year.“Twelve Five”The heavy metal prevention planning of the planned, direct refers to the prevention and control of lead pollution in the battery industry.“The country has investing 75 billion yuan to ensure the implementation of the Control Plan, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection has begun special actions.”

  In fact, most companies, especially large-scale lead-acid battery companies increased year by year, some of which have become an environmentally friendly company, but the ratio of irregularities is large.

  “There are nearly 1,700 companies that have already issued production licenses, and the proportion of environmental protection facilities in these enterprises is not small.”Wang Lijun told reporters that with regular enterprises, these do not standardize the company’s unique living conditions, such as environmental investment, there is no formal taxation, and unaptible competition means, not only make two companies unfairly competitive, but also Environmental pollution also has a large negative impact on the battery industry.

  There are too many manufacturers, and the products are mixed,“Most of the company’s profitability, most are difficult to survive”. Zhang Huanong summary.

  Therefore, in the industry, the introduction of “Prevention and Control Plan” is more opportunities to the industry. By strengthening the rectification of the lead-acid battery industry, some irregularities will be eliminated, while sustainable regulation companies will benefit, and the production order and environment after purification will also be improved. 


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