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Factors affecting lead-acid battery performance

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Factors affecting lead-acid battery performanceFactors affecting the reliability of battery are divided into the following.
First, the charger affects the performance of the battery, the battery charger is important, and the charging conditions of the battery have a great impact on the battery life. If the battery is in a constant voltage or “floating” electrical charge, the battery life can be maximized. In fact, the life of the battery charge is much longer than the life of a simple storage state. Because the battery charges delay the natural aging process of the battery, the equipment should be charged regardless of whether the battery should be charged regardless of operation or downtime.
Second, battery temperature affects battery reliability General lead-acid battery optimal use temperature for 20 degrees Celsius, temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of the battery. Detailed experimental data indicates that the temperature is 5 degrees per rise, the battery life has dropped 10%, so the design of the machine room should allow the battery usage environment to be kept around 20 degrees. It is best to configure precision air conditioner.

Third, the battery ripple current impact on the performance of the battery is ideally, in order to extend the battery life, the battery should be kept in the “floating” charging or constant pressure. In this state, the electric storage battery will absorb a small charger current, which is called “floating” or “self-discharge” current. Although the battery manufacturer is recommended, some design makes the battery to with some extra small current, called ripple current. The ripple current is generated when the battery is continuously powered to the inverter, because according to the energy conservation principle, the inverter must have input direct current to generate an AC output. Such a battery forms a small charge cycle. The battery voltage affects the battery reliability battery is a single “original battery” composition. Each original battery voltage is about 2 volts, and the original battery is connected in series to form a high voltage, one 12 The volt battery consists of 6 original batteries, and the 24 volt battery consists of 12 original batteries, etc. When the UPS battery is charged, each series of primary batteries are charged. The performance of the original battery will result in some of the original battery charging voltages than other original batteries, this part of the battery will aging in advance. As long as the primary battery of the primary battery is declining, the performance of the entire battery will also drop. Test prove that battery life and quantity of the original battery, the higher the battery voltage, the faster the aging.

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