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Factors affecting the battery forklift battery

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Factors affecting the battery forklift batteryThe battery forklift battery has been widely used in the power system. Due to its full seal, there is no need to maintain water maintenance, it has been called the maintenance-free battery. About the battery forklift battery has a lot of knowledge, the following will introduce the installation precautions for the battery forklift battery and the factors affecting the life of the battery forklift battery.

Installation consideration of battery forklift battery
1) The installer (or engineering team) of the battery forklift battery is connected to the installed task directive, ready-related information (such as various manufacturers battery installation, record tables, etc.) and full set of installation tools (including the multimeter, etc.), implement the application date And engineering progress, etc.
2) Installer (or engineering team) should carry a small amount of system spare parts (such as screws, etc.) to install the installation place, achieve a detailed installation engineering schedule, discuss the details of the project (such as installation, undressing).
3) Before starting the installation project, you should organize the installation person (or engineering team) to train, introduce the precautions during the installation process and the battery usage and maintenance precautions. Be careful during the installation process.
4) The installer (or engineering team) performs battery out-of-box inspection and accessories, packing or regulating the supervisor, and recovered, the battery installation system map in the box, the installation instruction manual and other documents should be harvested, to be installed After the end, the technical staff of the communication company will be kept in charge.
5) Check whether the battery is reasonable according to the construction drawing, whether the maintenance space is reserved, whether it is and the heat source and where the spark may result in a spark (such as a insurance box, etc.), whether it is placed The air conditioner is below, if not in line, should first ask the communication company’s engineering department to modify, and no memo has been modified.
6) Unpacking the system diagram of the battery to remove the battery, should be installed in strict accordance with the battery diagram of the battery, not allowing the installation of any system parts (including the paste of the battery cell number), all system parts (spare parts) should be in the installation map. The specified model specification is exactly the same.
7) Install. Due to battery powers, pay attention to prevent short circuits, all installation tools should be wrapped in insulating tape.
8) Install the connecting strip to remove the battery column and the dust on the cylindrical column and the outer shell and the steel frame, especially to ensure the dust on the pillar. The monomer number should be pushed.
9) Check if all screws are tightened one by one. To specify a special person check, the person is responsible to make sure all screws are tightened.
10) After the installation check is completed, measure and record the open circuit voltage of all battery cells and the total voltage of the battery pack, and fill in the installation statistics table (or other similar mounting tables).
11) If there is no time to pick up the market, it should be disconnected to the battery and the switching power supply and microwave device. If some reason cannot be disconnected from the device and the battery (in principle, it is not allowed, especially for a long connection is not allowed), and the two sets of batteries should be connected, and only one of the batteries are not allowed. At the same time, the start time and the power consumption of the device are recorded, and record it. No matter whether there is such a connection, the battery pack must be suppleeded before the official opening, the supplementation time is 2.35V / only, charge 12 hours. Otherwise, it will bring great harm to the normal use of the battery.
12) Before the battery and switching power supply, you should carefully check if the setting of the switching power supply is correct (refer to the switching power supply setting parameter table) to ensure that the settings are accurate.
13) After the installation Measure the floating voltage of each unit cell and record, please sign the company’s technicians to be recognized. 


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