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FAQ without turning light

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FAQ without turning light1) When the charger places other batteries, it is normal (excluding the charger parameters do not meet this)

(2) The battery is on the car and cannot charge it while charging (do not open the door lock);

(3) Standard voltage: 190V-240V (whether the input market is too low);

(4) The battery itself: The ambient temperature is easy to lose water, and the battery is lost in the case of normal charging;

(5) Just riding the car, it must be charged after 1-2 hours;

(6) Check if the battery cable is loose for a few months;

(7) Causes of miscellaneous chargers (why the power is large without light, the power small will turn light): the charging current is small, conversion

The highest voltage is low, the battery is easy to reach the parameter point, which causes the battery to be filled, the kilometer is also short, long-term full charge

The pool life is short, so the indicator is green;

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