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Fast charging hazard

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Fast charging hazardThe electric forklift is used to use the battery. Whether the battery can be charged normally, whether it is correct charging affects whether the forklift can work properly. At present, there are more lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries, and two parts of normal cycle charging and trickle charging. First charging it, then perform trickle charging, so that the battery can be guaranteed.

Trickle charging means that the battery remains in a continuous small current charge that is approximately fully charged, is used to make up for the battery loss due to self-discharge due to self-discharge. Only the combination of both will be well obtained well.

However, the rapid charging is no trickle process, which is to use high current or high voltage charging. Although it can be charged in a short time, the power is empty, and it will not be shortened. The battery life is easy to cause the battery polar panel warpage, the acid concentration is increased, thereby damaging the battery, so it is necessary to extend the battery life, ensure that the forklift can work properly, and must be charged correctly, do not use a fast charging method Charge. If the fork is run for a long time, it can be equipped with a backup battery.

Extend battery life, in addition to avoiding rapid charging, maintaining and maintaining battery is properly maintained. The maintenance of the battery pack, the task of operation and charge and discharge should be operated by professional training, strictly prohibit non-professional personnel and minors, and even operate the battery pack, it is strictly forbidden to add any density electrolyte, which is strictly prohibited.

Since the external object will cause damage to the battery pack, any mechanical damage should be prohibited to avoid battery injury. Time-charge after use, the placement time cannot exceed 2 hours. It is strictly forbidden to approach the open fire when charging, otherwise the explosion will appear. When charging is fully charged, the battery is fully charged to display the lamp on the charger.

During the charge and discharge of the battery, the water in the electrolyte will gradually decrease due to electrolysis and evaporation, resulting in a decrease in electrolyte, and should be supplemented with distilled water in time. If you don’t add in time, it is possible to shorten the service life of the battery. Do not use drinks with pure water instead, because in pure water contains a variety of trace elements, the battery will have an adverse effect.

Any impurities are strictly prohibited into the battery, and it is necessary to clean up the battery pack every day.

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