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Fault exclusion method of battery forklift battery

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Fault exclusion method of battery forklift batteryThe battery forklift battery is expensive. It is an important part of the battery forklift. Once the main abandonment affects the daily production production production, the battery pack is the key to the working time, maintenance, maintenance costs of the forklift, and the general tram has less, but the battery has bought the quality Products will cause a lot of cumbersome things.

During use, the battery pack often has a high voltage or low, and the internal resistance is large, the liquid leakage, the outer casing, and the like. According to the analysis of the battery and actual measurement, it is possible to know that the capacity of the battery pack does not meet the nominal capacity, which is the most common, resulting in a shortened battery life, and scrapped in advance.

The actual life life of the battery forklift battery is affected by two factors internally and other, and the external factors mainly include overcharge, over-discharge, operational environmental impact, the charger is not supporting, the internal factors are mainly reduced in the electrolyte, when the battery When the moisture is reduced to a certain degree, it will cause the battery failure.

In general, the electrolyte saturation in the battery should be normal in a state in which the battery is greater than 95%. According to the data, the battery capacity can be reduced by 20% if saturated by 95% down to 85%. Therefore, internal factors is the direct cause of battery capacity, indirectly affect its life, during gradually decreasing the water in the battery electrolyte, the floating charge voltage is high, the internal block is large, the liquid leakage, the outer casing deformation Waiting for a series of phenomena, there is also discharge, the larger the discharge depth, the shorter the battery life, the hazard of excessive discharge is mainly manifested: the positive electrode plate active material soften loose, utilization decreases, and the lead-generated cells can not be charged Rehabilitation, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity.

In addition to the above analysis, we also need to know whether the contact terminal of the electric forklift battery is loose, and the motor output power is increased, and these require one to find. Battery forklift battery maintenance two tools: First, the voltage meter, the second is the specific gravity. 


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