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Five features of the sanitation clearing the battery

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Five features of the sanitation clearing the batteryThe sanitation clear sweeping battery mainly uses the battery as a power source, complete the automatic sweeping cleaning function, due to the electric energy, no secondary pollution, no exhaust gas emissions, today’s more attention, it is more and more popular in enterprises and institutions. . Widely applicable to supermarkets, plant workshops, pedestrian streets, hotel lobby, waiting room, auditorium, subway, etc.
The sanitation cleaning battery is equipped with watering equipment, which reduces the dust generated by the operation, simultaneously, flexible, and strong cleaning space, usually in small, only one person, can complete the cleaning function. Applicable ranges include all kinds of large streets, courtyards, squares, workshops, etc., especially where large sweepers are unable to drive.
Five features of the sanitation clearing the battery

(1) Electric operation, no noise, no exhaust emissions;

(2) Small size, flexible, easy to drive, maintenance, suitable for most artificial clearing;

(3) Sweep, suck in one, no secondary pollution, no secondary dust;

(4) The cleaning effect is good, small to dust, sand, big to the stone, leaves, cigarette cases, and sweep.

(5) The mechanization operation is not only high efficiency, the effect is good, and the machine has been done, and the dust that has occurred in artificial cleaning, dust is difficult to sweep, and drain. 


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