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Floating charge characteristics of valve controlled lead-acid batteries

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Floating charge characteristics of valve controlled lead-acid batteriesThe charging characteristics of the floating charge of the valve controlled lead-acid battery. The density of the valve controlled lead-acid battery electrolyte (1.300) is higher than that of the conventional lead-acid battery, and the open circuit voltage of the monomer battery can reach 2.3 to 2.16V. Floating charge is the best operating conditions for valve-controlled sealing lead acid batteries. When running, the battery is always in full capacity, running under this condition, and the valve-controlled sealing lead-acid battery has the best service life and performance.

The internal structure of the valve controlled sealing lead-acid battery is reasonable, the poles and poles and the poles and the opposite side insulation conditions, and the self-discharge ratio of the battery is small. According to the test. When the ambient temperature is stored at 20 ¡ã C, the battery self-discharge is about 4% per month. The floating voltage in the operation, the floating current must be in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturer. Floating charge is generally used in constant voltage current limiting, and the optimum floating voltage is 2.23V / monomer at ambient temperature at 25 ¡ã C, and the floating current is less than 2 RA / (AH). When the half float is used (ie, it cannot satisfy 24 hours a day, and the charging is unmistically disconnected), the charging termination voltage is (2.25-26) V / monomer (250c). Strictly prevent miscarriage due to improper floating charge, resulting in failure of the accumulated battery capacit 


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