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Fork car battery abnormal high temperature, how to deal with

Fork car battery abnormal high temperature, how to deal withIt is necessary to stop the forklift battery is abnormal, fever, smoke, etc. The battery temperature is high, the electrolyte is quickly volatilized, the plate can be burned, the active material is falling off, and of course the plate aging, the internal resistance of the battery increases, and the internal resistance produces a large amount of heat during use, which also causes the battery high temperature, this There is a potential safety hazard in the case, be sure to replace the battery in time; there is a forklift circuit board problem, everyone knows that the forklift relies on the battery as a driving force, and the battery current will increase, resulting in high temperatures It is possible that the forklift driver should often feel the temperature of the forklift battery. When the lead-acid battery of the forklift is charged or discharged, it is best not to exceed 35 degrees Celsius. That is, the battery case can be used to feel the temperature, and it will illustrate more than 35 degrees. The temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius. The oxide of the plate is easy to fall off, shorten the life of the battery, or even destruction, the high temperature will shorten the battery life of the battery. In the 60 ¡ã environment, the battery life of the battery can only reach half of the rated life. Low temperature will reduce the capacity of the battery, in a 50 F ¡ã environment, the battery should lose approximately 40% capacity. Therefore, the temperature of the battery chamber must be centralized. The highest and lowest temperature difference is less than 25-35 ¡ã. Otherwise, the floating voltage of the battery monomer will be unstable. Our Guangzhou Belons is a leading forklift battery level agent, with many years of manufacturing experience, providing various abnormal solutions.

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