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Front movement electric heap high car operation considerations

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Front movement electric heap high car operation considerationsThe front movement electric pile of high cars is relative to the electric rector, its operation is difficult to have a little more trouble, mainly in driving the control of the electric vehicle during driving, today Zhuo Dang Machinery explains the front shift Electric heap high vehicle operation considerations.

First, pay special attention to the charging method of the battery when charging, so that the battery charges are charged just, they are both facial electricity, and they will not cause overcale charging. So pay attention to timely charging and correct maintenance of the battery. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation during operation, and everyone avoids the speed of acceleration in use.

When you drive, if you encounter a good condition, the vehicle needs to slow down, everyone only needs to relax the accelerator pedal like driving a car, then gently stepping on the brake pedal. When the vehicle is undergoing downhill, you don’t want to disconnect the motor’s circuit. Everyone will gently step on the brake pedal, which can greatly reduce the loss of the battery.

Nowado, the electric push-auk has this technique of regenerative braking. The forward-moving pile of Zhuoi Machine has such a regenerative brake technology, simply, in the braking, the kinetic energy transfer and storage of the vehicle stand up.

Finally, when the vehicle is in use, when the battery is insufficient, the battery is insufficient, and the battery should be charged to the battery as soon as possible, so that the battery is excessively discharged.

So when you use electric vehicles, you should pay attention to some operations this to extend the life of electric reactors. 


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