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Fully understand the charging and discharge principle of forklift battery cells

Fully understand the charging and discharge principle of forklift battery cellsIt is well known that the forklift battery relies on 2V monomers, mixing more enhanced currents to achieve driving forklifts, the monomer is in the initial stage, using the tube plate combination, the initial charging strive is carried out two stages: first use the first The charging current charges the electrolyte to discharge the bubble, and the single voltage rises to 2.3 to 2.4V. Then the current drops to 1/2 initial charge current, and continues to be filled into the discharged fluid to discharge dramatic bubbles, compact and voltage is stable for 3 hours.

The total charging time is about 45 ~ 65h. When the charging process, the electrolyte temperature is often measured, stop charging or cooling, and the temperature is controlled at 35 ~ 40 ¡ã C, and when the initial charge is completed, if the electrolyte is not intended , Electrolyte applied to distilled water or a specific gravity of 1.4 is adjusted. After adjustment, charge for 2 h until the proportion meets the requirements, the forklift battery cannot be over-discharge, including diesel and electric fork, excessive charging or discharge affects the battery itself, the new battery is previously charged, there is often no capacity The discharge cycle should be performed. The discharge rate is discharged at 20HH (i.e., the current discharge of the rated capacity is 1/20 is discharged to the single voltage drop to 1.75V), and then the charge current is sufficient, after a charge, the discharge cycle is still lower than the rated capacity 90 When%, it should be charged again, the discharge cycle, the forklift battery monomer is used in the future, and it is necessary to closely check, otherwise the battery life will drop very fast.

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