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Golf bikes belong to a system that converts a mechanical energy

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Golf bikes belong to a system that converts a mechanical energyThe golf cart battery belongs to a power converted into mechanical energy. When the battery is output, it must be supplemented with the current, otherwise the battery will have no effect, and the shelve will fall off the active material of the battery. Normal charging current should be composed of forklift battery. A certain proportion, such as: 48V400AH, using a capacity of 0.14 times, can reach the basic requirements, exceeding this current value, will overcharge, battery electrolyte volatilization is too fast, once the odor, the polar plate of the forklift battery is flour, excessive Charging is very fast, in order to avoid affecting the forklift battery, we must learn the correct charging mode, which can be done in this way: the current distribution on the plate is uniform, small resistance, can reduce the loss of charging current. The electrodes of the battery are covered around the positive electrode, increase the internal resistance of the battery, exacerbated ohmic polarization, affect charging current efficiency.
The thickness and porosity of the active substance on the positive electrode of the battery. If the active material pore rate is large, the electrolyte is diffused, and the polarization is reduced. Discharge depth.
The deeper the discharge depth, the positive electrode active material PBO: is greatly reduced from the negative electrode active material PB, which needs to be transformed by charging, that is, the product to participate in the reaction is also more, thereby improving charging acceptance ability, we do not recommend The charging machine is up to the biggest, and the long flow of fine water knows that the emergency charge is very harmful to the golf car battery. 


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