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Golf truck battery water supply principle

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Golf truck battery water supply principleThe golf truck battery’s water storage is a small amount of water, which does not allow too much water over higher levels. If there is too much water, it may cause the forklift battery to overflow during charging and moving, resulting in a reduction in the overall specific gravity of the battery, the performance is lowered, the box volume water and corrosion are severe, and it may even result in battery short circuit. The user should read the battery manual and the warning logo on the battery manual and the battery tank before using the forklift battery, and the battery is added to the battery to facilitate efficient use and proper maintenance of the battery.
From the appearance, physical damage is the battery drum, which is actually internal polar deformation. In this case, the repair can only be replaced, and the factory operation can be realized. Therefore, individuals encounter these situations and can determine that the battery does not repair value. Can electric car colloidal battery lead battery? How to repair? The internal polar panels are also possible to damage the appearance, and the naked eye cannot be accurately judged. The following method can be referred to: full of electricity, and the battery life is reduced to 20%, such as the new battery full of electricity, now 50 km, now The battery life is less than 10 kilometers, and it can basically determine that there is no repair value. 


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