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Holding and storage of electric reactors

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Holding and storage of electric reactorsThe electric rectoric high car battery should be placed in the cleaning, dry and naturally ventilated warehouse in 5 ~ 40 ¡ã C, and the reasonable storage period is two years. It is required to be stored in the following regulations within the storage period.
a. Will not be irradiated with solar, unspeakable pitch is not less than 2m.
b. Prevent it from touching all harmful substances, all metal materials can not fall into the rechargeable battery.
c. Prohibition of reverse, not colliding or stress by all mechanical equipment.
d. Do not allow storage with electrolyte to store, special circumstances should be contained with electrolyte storage to adjust the relative density of the electrolyte to the standard value. The storage is a month to charge a fill electric charging in a general battery 


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