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How to charge UPS uninterruptible power supply

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How to charge UPS uninterruptible power supplyThe UPS uninterruptible power supply has a heavy status of heavy and medium-sized, in addition to the function of protecting equipment anti-electricity. So there is a UPS uninterruptible power supply to make our work and daily well well. It is also important to neglect, and people think that UPS uninterrupted power is maintenance-free, but does not pay attention, thereby reducing UPS uninterrupted service life. Today, Redes uninterruptible power suppliers introduce you how to maintain the UPS uninterruptible power supply.
The UPS is uninterrupted to the normal life of the power supply, and the floating service life of the lead-free lead-acid battery is generally sealed in normal conditions and normal use. But many people will significantly shorten the life of UPS uninterrupted power supply. It can be seen that there is no reasonable maintenance of the UPS uninterruptible power supply to affect its normal service life, so a few small issues we share.
1. The battery usage environment requires temperature between 0 degrees to 40 degrees to avoid direct sunlight and keep it clean.
2, normal, the battery charges every 3-6 months, discharges once, the charging time of the standard machine after discharge should be not less than 10 hours (this is often neglected)

3, UPS uninterruptible power supply is not available for a long time, you need to charge once every 3-6 months

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