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How to choose a battery that is suitable for you to use

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How to choose a battery that is suitable for you to useThe forklift battery is mainly used for the battery forklift in the enterprise. It is for so many domestic and foreign brands, how to choose a group of battery packs suitable for yourself? Xiaobian briefly says the next few points: First, according to its own operating frequency, the weight, the vehicle iron box size, the vehicle rated battery weight is given, such as a group of Hangzhou forklift battery, Hangzhou spectacular in the market For the brand, GS, Torch, Tianwei and other brands, first we can consider the original battery brand of the vehicle, or according to its own useful life, the general iron box size is fixed, but many times, the air gap of the iron box There is still a lot of space, which can increase capacity to 20%. If the fork is a bulky cargo, the current needs to be consumed, and the standard configuration has not been used.
The output current of the forklift battery determines its use time. At present, the domestic battery cycle life is 800-1000 times, imported or foreign brands can reach more than 1,500 times, but the forklift battery price is over-turned, not a regular enterprise office Can withstand. We recommend using soft-connected, easy to replace and maintain in the later monomer, and customers who are shipped for foreign delivery, it is best to purchase soft connections. 


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