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How to fix the battery

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How to fix the batteryBattery parallel shunt
If the battery temperature rise is rapid during battery repair. The charge current should be reduced. At this time, the two batteries can be connected in parallel into the first test line. The charge and discharge current is the original 1/2, the effect is also very good.

2. Battery series repair method
This method is employed when a single cell nominal voltage is less than 12V. Such as: on the market, the emergency light is often used to use a 6V4AH battery. The tester single output is 12V. At this time, you can apply two 6V battery pick-up tester to repair sulfur repair (注惫: should be based on battery nominal Choose a suitable charge, discharge.

3. Han out parallel
If the battery address is repaired. Such as more than 2OAH. Sometimes it is necessary to increase the charging current, at which time you can simultaneously use the two or more pleasants of the tester to be simultaneously retracted to the repaired battery. To enhance the charging current.
In the actual experiment, it is found that according to the battery, use 1) T1000 digital multimeter DC 20A side test. The current of the two-way and coupling the electric battery is gradually rising to the sum of the two currents.

4. Han out combination method
This method can be used when the battery, hydrating and charging recovery effect is not obvious enough for batteries, hydrating and charging recovery effects that are too long and high-discharged, and strong vulcanization. The method is normal charging with one way. The battery is used to perform a sulfur work while charging while charging. It is a lot of people who have been repaired at the same time after the two roads (Tester two parallel), but The selected chess type is charged all the way. One way to sulfur. This method is better for serious vulcanization. When this method is actually used. The charging current is best to choose 5A. Because the repair function is affected. The repair negative pulse current is greater than the positive pulse, and the selection 5a is to compensate for the resulting charging current.

5. Output parallel
The battery is seriously vulcanized. It has repeatedly repaired a very small battery. It can be repaired in parallel to two tester repair functions at the same time. To strengthen the sulfur effect. This method is not easy to master. The current is weakened. It can be used as a basis for the increase in the increase in voltage current.

6. Han out of the series
This method is effective for batteries of the battery voltage of 24V or 36V, that is, the two or more roads of the station will receive the battery, and the two series voltages are 24V. Three ways 36V. However, the actual test has found that the voltage is increased in parallel, but the current is still the size of the selected current. Such as: the current of the two is 3A. The voltage obtained in series is 24V, but the current does not increase. It should be noted that the selection of the selection of the station should be the same. You must start at the same time, such as: the three-way series voltage is 36V. The charging current should choose the same size and start.

7. Heating method

Battery that is too long of the age. The electrolyte is serious, and it does not want to wait for 10 hours after hydrating. Customer needs to repair this method. After the repair battery is hydrated, the electrolyte is used to penetrate the internal penetration of the electrolyte (the partition is super fine glass fiber as the vector of the electrolyte. It can absorb the large mile electrolytic solution) and its own chemical reaction, will rely on electricity after hydrating 70 ° C Soak in hot water (at not immersing battery to prevent short circuits). After the battery is taken out to make normal repair work.

8. Excellent and disadvantage

Also known as the good and bad match. The side test has a function of self-diagnosis on the battery. Under normal circumstances, it should be able to hear the slight “” sound when being repaired by the battery to pick up the Asian trial. Indicate the internal relay of the tester. For a battery having a voltage heel than 8V, although the repair fixture, start repair, etc. There is no corresponding current and voltage output. Under this intake, the battery with a good battery with a voltage higher than 8V and a voltage lower than 8V are connected in parallel with a tester. Start the corresponding working mode accordingly, use a multimeter voltage to confirm that the existing voltage is picked out (or It can hear the slight sound of the relay-procedure), withdrawing good electricity from the line, allowing the bad battery lower than the side trial to start the bang of the tester, still connects to the tester.

9. Cooling method

During charging and repair, you should regularly check the bodies of the battery. The overall temperature exceeds 40.1 (touchs the feeling of touch with your hand). The charge voltage and current are too high (the voltage, current of the mainland pigeon tester) Very accurate), if it is normal. It is necessary to give cooling and cooling treatment.

(1) Fan blowing cool.

(2) Cooling the battery 2/3 dip in the water. At the same time, it is not interrupted to repair the repair (such as charge and discharge, sulfur, etc.).

(3) Reduce charging current (such as a parallel battery). Extended charging time, etc.

10. Activated charging method

The battery can be activated during storage or use, which is so-called equalization charging, which is very advantageous for preventing battery inveurs of vulcanization, and is good for battery life. The mainland pigeon battery address tester is a 3-way 12V independent circuit (36V) and a 4-way 12V independent circuit (48V). The output current and voltage are controlled by microcomputer. Make the lottery current and voltage very accurate. Can be used as a balanced charger use. Because the equalization of the series battery pack is ordinary. There is always a “backward” battery during use.

Under normal deposition, the tester is used to charge the battery to charge a charging (equalization charging).

First remove the battery from the battery case. Welding the application of iron soldering iron to perform a general charging. If the selection side test mode 3. Use a 2-hour current to discharge. During the discharge process, the voltage of each battery is constantly used. If the tester has a voltage display function, the tapping observes the decline in the suits, and the “backward” battery of the discharge dish is out is selected. The dilute sulfate of the replenishment density 1.050 g / cm ‘is just seen to see the flow liquid (it is very convenient to observe the vertical image with the flashlight. Or turn the battery to the side, so that the excess electrolyte is tetrapened, then turn back . Select the tester repair function. After each repair is completed, the battery resisted 0.5-4h. Re-repair function. Until the ball is similar or equal. After the repair is completed, the flowing electrolyte is exhausted. Wipe the surface of the battery and enjoy the valve cap. With the PVC cat adult (the decorative material market) or three meal methane – also known as the grasp of the imitation (sales of chemical reagents) will match the battery panel cat.

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