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How to maintain electric vehicle charger

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How to maintain electric vehicle chargerAs the electric vehicle industry is constantly being accepted by the society, the electric car has reached 140 million, which is a constantly equipped charger. It is very important to maintain electric vehicle charger, then how to maintain it. ?

1. The charger is composed of transistors, integrated circuits, and the like. Therefore, the correct use of charger does not only affect the reliability and service life of the charger itself, but also affect the battery life.

2. When charging the battery using the charger, please insert the output plug of the charger, then insert the input plug. When charging, the power indicator of the charger displays red and the charging indicator is also shown in red. After full, the charging indicator is green. When the charging is stopped, please unplug the input plug of the charger and the output plug of the electrical appliance.

3, usually, excessive discharge and excessive charging of the battery are harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to charge, do not over-discharge, the charger produced by the regular manufacturer can ensure that the battery is not overcharge, the battery life has a big relationship with its discharge depth. Lead-acid batteries are particularly afraid of loss of loss. Loss batteries are placed for 3-7 days, which will be permanently damaged. Therefore, please charge as soon as the battery is used. For long-term non-use batteries, the battery should be charged once every 15 days.

4. The charger needs moisture moisture during use and placed in a good ventilation. There is a certain temperature rise in the charger, please pay attention to heat dissipation, usually the charging time is within 7-8 hours. Different from the use of the battery.

5, charger belongs to a more precise electronic device, so pay attention to anti-vibration in use. Try not to carry it with you, if you do it, you should pack the charger with the damper material to be placed in the toolbox. 


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