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How to prevent battery corrosion

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How to prevent battery corrosionAlso important is to keep the battery’s cleaning countertop to splash the acid and dust. This helps prevent corrosion and stray currents on the surface of the battery. Keep the battery’s cleanboard, if you can’t keep up, it is easy. A good habit is to wipe the top of the battery with distilled water soaked by distilled water. Don’t be sobbled for the top of the battery because it may enter the battery, neutralized part of the electrolyte.
When the lead-acid battery, their temperature drops to 30 ¡ã F temporarily lose about 20% (- 1 ¡ã C). This is rated for rated capacity of standard temperatures at 77 ¡ã F (25 ¡ã C). At higher temperatures, its permanent degradation increase rate. Therefore, it is desirable to protect the battery to avoid extreme temperatures. Anyone who cannot avoid low temperature, buy a larger battery pack to make up for the ability to decline in winter. Avoid direct radiation heat sources, which will result in some cells to be warm than others. The 77 ¡ã F temperature standard is not sacred, it is just the capacity measurement standard. An ideal range is between 50 and 85 ¡ã in F (10-29 ¡ã C).
Arrange the battery so they are left in the same temperature. If they oppose the outer wall, the heat insulating wall, there is room for room, air circulation. The fake battery is about 1/2 inch (13 mm) air gap, so those who are in an intermediate position will not be warm than others. The outer casing should keep the battery clean and dry, but are at least ventilated by the national electrical method, 480.9 (a).

The battery enclosure must allow access to convenient access, especially for rich liquid batteries. Do not install any switches, circuit breakers, or other sparks are generated in the chassis equipment. They may ignite explosion.

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