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How to protect the electrolyte

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How to protect the electrolyteThe liquid paraffin is added to the electrolytic liquid surface, and the battery can reduce the evaporation of moisture in the electrolyte. This advanced approach was taken in 962 in 962. Practice has proved that IB tunnels are protected with liquid stone coal, with the following advantages.
1. Advantages: Since the specific gravity of liquid paraffin is small, float on the surface after adding electrolyte. It can therefore be prevented from falling into the debris and reducing the evaporation of moisture in the electrolyte, thereby greatly reducing a large number of dies that increase the distilled water, and also reduce impurities into the electrolyte; in the charging process. In particular, the charging ends can reduce the electrolytic solution, so it can greatly enhance the insulation of the battery pack. It turns out that the grounding phenomenon along the battery pack does not solve it for a long time, and after joining liquid stone, the grounding phenomenon disappears.
2. Disadvantages: The electrolyte temperature is increased during charging, and heat is not easy to spread. Battery is charged in summer, even if the charging current reducing the minimum allowable value, it is difficult to control the temperature within a specified range. In addition, the surface of the electrolyte is too dirty and the measurement is measured.

In summary, the method of protecting the electrolyte by liquid paraffin is that the advantage is that the insulation of the battery pack can be enhanced, especially the insulation of the battery pack. The DC system is definitely not allowed to be grounded, but some units are due to the battery electrical solution splashing the container, resulting in a long-term solution to the DC system. At the same time, under the action of the charging current, the moss battery precipilizes harmful gases and the damage is hurt. However, after adding liquid stone, the battery can not only eradicate the ground fault of DC system, but also benefit from the equipment and staff in the reability.

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