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How to safely use small electric forklifts in the workshop

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How to safely use small electric forklifts in the workshopWith the advancement of the times, many companies are inseparable from the use of small electric forklves. It can greatly increase the efficiency of work, and also saves a lot of labor costs, in some car loading and unloading works. The warehouse terminal will be applied to the electric forklift. At present, the forklift products are very many in the market. Different forklift products will have some differences in the operation process. Today we will talk about how small electric forklifts are safe.
Small electric forklifts contain a battery, such as such a mobile device, must do battery protection, because if the battery capacity is lowered, it will affect the use time of the electric handling vehicle, frequent charging will affect the efficiency of the work, and If there is no electricity in the work process, it may also cause safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the electricity consumption before using the electric van, and the charging time should be accurately graspful and cannot be overcharged.

At the operation, you must pay attention to the downhill, uneven ground moving method, the small electric forklift can move a short distance, and the balance of small electric forklifts should be minimized in this process. When the downhill must pay attention to small electric forklifts. Control, and the anti-truck is out of control.

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