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How to store performance and cycle life is defined

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How to store performance and cycle life is defined1. Storage performance: It is mainly for a battery. It refers to the decline rate of capacity during battery storage. The battery capacity is due to the self-discharge of the two electrodes. The size of the self-discharge is sometimes shown in the time of a battery capacity to a certain specified capacity. It is called a shelving life or storage life, and the self-discharging of the battery is reduced, which generally uses a high purity material or removal. Impurities. A metal having high hydrogen excessive potential is added to the electrolytic solution.

2, cycle life: battery charging and discharging is called a cycle (or cycle). The battery capacity is lowered before a specified value. The number of times that can be repeatedly charged is referred to as a cycle life. In the currently used battery, the leading life of cadmium nickel batteries is the longest life, lead-acid batteries. The cycle life of the battery depends on the nature of the battery. It is also appropriate to use and maintenance. 


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