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How to use and maintain electric forklift batteries

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How to use and maintain electric forklift batteriesone. First charge immediately. The electric forklift battery is used to charge the charging chamber within 24 hours; the electric forklift battery should be filled in each two months.
two. The second time does not continue to apply the starter, manipulating the time of each startup can not exceed 5s, if you can’t start the diesel engine, you should rest 15S to make a second start, continue three starting failures, check clear, fault detection After starting the diesel engine.
three. Learning to eliminate dust waste on the surface of the battery, be sure to maintain the surface of the battery to clean and dry.
Four. Check the electrolyte surface aspect ratio, and the purification of water or electrolyte should be carried out in the requirements of the requirements. The vulcanized rubber shell battery electrolyte liquid level is higher than that of the pole 10 to 15 mm, and the plastic battery case is transparent, and the liquid surface should be in the middle of the left and right scale indicated by the plant. The electrolyte is not sufficient, and pure water or filling liquid should be added immediately. If the liquid level reduction is determined, the relative density of the electrolyte should be supplemented and the adjustment is adjusted. 


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