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Hydrating method for electric reactor high car battery

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Hydrating method for electric reactor high car batteryIn many companies in now, companies in normal consumption may be the assistance of demand electric forklifts in normal transportation. In today’s market, the demand for electric rectusors is constantly being in a relatively high status. Today’s planned electric heap High cars are very inconvenient and convenient, simple, and it has played a very tight consumption.

However, there are still many people who have no further focus on electric reactor boys battery ‘hydrating’. Here, Xiaobian will give a few points for the Master to explain the forklift battery on the ‘hydrating’ problem.

First, in the process of stopping the charge and discharge of the battery of the electric push-up, the moisture in the electrolyte will evaporate due to electrolysis, so that even make up is a very tight pace. If there is no real-time make up, the battery is generated. The vulcanization rate of the board is in a certain level, it will extend the battery life of the battery.

Secondly, the moisture of the electric storage battery is not allowed, not ordinary pure water, demand is distilled water, perhaps in the hospital, is a chemical store, which can be able to buy distilled water. It is also a very good amount of water. Nervous problems. Ordinary, the liquid level is 10-15 mm.

Initially, if there is anything in the effusion, there is nothing to get in the same time, don’t use the metal item to get it. It is necessary to use a wooden stick to remove impurities. Metal materials will respond with sulfuric acid, and the reaction is reacted to a certain extent. Affect the life of some batteries. 


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