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Implementation of substation battery remote online maintenance

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Implementation of substation battery remote online maintenanceOn November 12th, an innovative achievement of the maintenance test workshop of Jiangsu Zhenjiang Company“CK—DJK type substation battery remote online equilibrium maintenance”The system debugging is successful, which marks the maintenance of the company’s substation DC system to the intelligent direction.

The system is mainly used for remote online equilibrium maintenance of DC systems in the substation. It has two major functions: First, remote online balance maintenance of the battery; the second is to monitor the operating state of the DC charger, including the bus voltage, bus bar grounding status, etc., once the power state is discovered, sound and light alarm Information, directly report the DC monitoring center to handle it in time to avoid major electric accidents.

Be“As long as the computer is turned on, click the remote online equilibrium maintenance system platform, the unit voltage of the battery, control the bus voltage, the closing bus voltage, etc., you can master the actual work of the battery every day.”Xie Changhua, a shift switch, the switch.

It is understood that the substation DC system is the core of the substation relay protection, control, and the battery will exert its battery.“Independent power supply”The role is to provide a power supply to relay protection and automatic devices, circuit breaker trips, communication, accident lighting, etc. to prevent further expansion of faults. Since the internal resistance of the battery is not the same, the voltage is low, and the voltage is too high or too low will directly affect the battery life. After the remote online equilibrium maintenance system is shipped, it is an effective means to realize the online monitoring of DC systems, and the remote pair of battery packs are equilibrated, and the charging voltage of the battery pack is adjusted in real time, so that the voltage of each battery of the battery pack tends to be consistent. This avoids the occurrence of battery overtilization or under charge, greatly improves the battery life of the battery.

At the same time, the maintenance of the DC system has always rely on manual to the site to check, especially the nuclear battery of the battery, requires 2 or 3 people to spend two days.

Starting the remote online balance maintenance system can realize a person in the office to conduct a verification discharge work at the same time at the same time, but not only effectively reduce human material, and improve work efficiency, and further reduce artificial field operations. The error rate provides a favorable guarantee for system safe operation, providing strong protection for substation unattended. 


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