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Independent photovoltaic system

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Independent photovoltaic systemIn an independent photovoltaic system, the act of battery is mainly stored energy. In climatic in the evening or cloud, the photovoltaic array cannot provide sufficient energy, and the battery is supplied to ensure the normal operation of the system.

There are many types of battery cells, mainly lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, and the like. At present, the use of nickel-hydrogen batteries in some small and simple independent photovoltaic systems due to the maturity and cost of product technology, but there are fewer applications; the use of lead-acid batteries in most independent photovoltaic systems, widely used. The state has also developed GB / T22473-2008 “Lead-acid battery” standard for storage to standardize the requirements of the lead-acid battery products. The following contents herein are based on lead-acid batteries.

The battery capacity of the independent photovoltaic system ensures that the load can continue to work in a certain period of time in the case where the system is continuous than the average value; the capacity of the battery is related to many factors, mainly have a daily load demand, and the battery maximum discharge Depth, independent running days, installation environment temperature. 


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