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Influence of maintenance-free battery in use

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Influence of maintenance-free battery in useThe battery will inevitably have some active substances after using a period of time, and if the active material is not activated in time, it will inevitably affect the capacity of the battery, so when using electric vehicles often use electric vehicles, it is necessary to do a quarterly battery Depth discharge once.

The maintenance-free battery will generate heat during charging and large current discharge. If there is heat, there will be moisture evaporation, although the process of water evaporation is very slow, but the time is long, the amount of cumulative water evaporates is not small. Therefore, the battery should be hydrated once every 6 months, so the service life of the battery will be extended.

The lead-acid battery has no memory, so that the capacity is rapidly reduced is mainly the battery vulcanization and“Lose water”,“Loss”Wait for some reasons, the battery is most afraid of“Loss”Undervoltage, battery“Loss”The battery polar plate is extremely vulnerable, and the reality of up to 70% of the electric vehicle battery capacity reduces the strong current (starting current) after the electrode plate is discharged (the electric motor is particularly obvious), and the electrode plate strap belongs to the battery physical damage. This injury cannot be repaired.

It is necessary to charge the battery once a month without using a battery.

The purpose of doing this is to prevent the battery from placement time and cause vulcanization of the battery and“Loss”. 


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