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Internal burner battery “ignition” can’t start, fast troubleshooting method

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Internal burner battery The internal combustion truck is also called the diesel forklift. It is the same as the battery of the battery. It is undoubtedly the same as our ordinary automotive battery. It is a start-up power to energize. This battery is generally used in 12V80AH-120AH, and the internal combustion truck is relatively large, so the forklift The battery life is not very long, and some basic elements that cannot be launched by the diesel forklift:

The startup of the diesel forklift is turned on the starter power supply by the key switch, and the activator rotates to rotate the engine. Common forklift start faults have some of the following reasons.
First, start motor idle
When starting the forklift, only the sound of the motor is idling, the engine is not rotated, can’t start, this type of fault usually checks:
Check if the motor magnetic switch is damaged.
Troubleshooting method: Maintenance or replace the starter magnetic switch.
Check if 2, whether the one-way mesh of the forklift start motor is slippery.
Troubleshooting: Maintenance or replace the starter fork.
Troubleshooting method: Repair or replace the unidirectional mesh of the startup motor.
Check 3, the truck inside the motor is loose or wear.
Troubleshooting method: Replace or repair the fork inside the starter.
Check 4, the starter damping spring is damaged.
Troubleshooting: Replace the damper spring of the start motor.

Second, internal combustion boot machine is insufficient electric forklift
The forklift starts the motor and the engine in the startup, but the starter is not started slowly. This type of failure usually checks the following:
Check if the voltage of the battery is sufficient
Troubleshooting: Charge or replace the new battery for the forklift battery.
Check 2, the boot motor is not enough, the cable is hot, check whether the two sides of the cable is loose.
Troubleshooting: Two sides of the cable, replace the cross section, more coarse, cable.
Check 3, the launch motor internal bearing has no wear or too loose, and the rotor and the stator are touched.
Troubleshooting Measures: Replace the bearing and adding grease to the boot motor.
Check 4, starting motor carbon brushes there is too much wear, there is no ablation or dirt surface of the copper surface of the rotor.
Troubleshooting method: Replace the carbon brush of the start motor and the copper head of the cleaning of the rotor.

Third, the starter sound is abnormal
The forklift heard the sound of a scarned rotating iron and iron friction when starting, but the engine did not rotate. This type of failure usually checks the following:
Check 1, the forklift start motor gear has no wear or single teeth damage.
Troubleshooting method: Repair forklift start motor single-to-gear or replace new gears.
Check 2, the mutual wheel ring of the motor has no wear or single teeth damage.
Troubleshooting method: Replace the launch motor flywheel ring gear.
Check 3, starting motor bearings and copper heads have no wear loose, and there is no friction between the rotor and the stator.
Troubleshooting method: Maintenance The motor replaces the bearing or copper head.
Check 4, after the forklift is started, the motor gear and the engine flywheel gear are not released. The motor gear is started back, the surface is rough, and the engagement is too tight, the drive device is calibrated on the motor armfraction and electromagnetic switch contacts, etc. .
Troubleshooting method: Repair forklift launch motor, replace the start motor return spring, replace the gear and replace the contact.

Fourth, the internal combustion is started without response
The forklift starter does not respond to the forklift. This type of failure usually checks the following:
Check 1: The startup battery of the forklift has no voltage and check the battery pile head.
Troubleshooting method: charge the battery or replace the new battery, and screw the battery line pile head.
Check 2, forklift circuits and key thinking switches have no contact or disconnection.
Troubleshooting method: repair or replace key thinking switches, repair circuits.
Check 3, starting motors do not have end voltages and start motor contacts.
Troubleshooting: Maintenance line or replace the motor silver contact.
Check 4, the electromagnetic switch of the launch motor has no voltage or burning.
Troubleshooting method: Maintenance Start motor electromagnetic start or replace new parts. 


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