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Ion liquid characteristics in lithium ion battery

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Ion liquid characteristics in lithium ion batteryIon liquid is widely used in capacitors, fuel cells, pigment-sensitized solar cells, etc. Features, has been widely used as a reaction medium or catalyst in the field of organic synthesis, which has caused sufficient interest in people.

Compared to conventional organic solvent reactions, the product yield obtained by the ionic liquid is high, selective, and the rate of selective segmentation, and the post-treatment is simple and the ionic liquid catalyst system is simple. After recover, it can be used multiple times. The reaction is widely used in the fields of organic synthesis.

The ionic liquid is a substance that is liquid at room temperature or near room temperature composed of specific cations and anions, often exhibits unique physical chemical properties and unique functions, and is a new type of “soft” functional material that is worth studying. Or media.

It is evolved from the conventional high temperature melting salt, but there is very different properties and behaviors with the general ionic compounds, the maximum difference is that the general ion compound can become liquid in a high temperature, and the ionic liquid is near room temperature. Large temperature range is liquid, the minimum solidification point can reach -96 ¡ã C. Compared to conventional organic solvents, the ionic liquid has: liquid state temperature range is wide, from below or close to room temperature to 300 ¡ã C; good physical and chemical stability; low vapor pressure, not easy to volatilize, and have solvent and catalyst double function It can be used as a solvent or catalytically active carrier which is a plurality of chemical reaction 


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