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Lead-acid battery demand tends to increase

Lead-acid battery demand tends to increaseDue to the weather, small cars and trucks of lead-acid batteries are extended.

The battery accounts for nearly 80% of lead needs. In the cold month, the battery demand tends to increase, and due to the battery of the battery, it will usually be invalidated by the cold weather in winter. This has increased the supply of waste batteries. However, due to the mild climate this year, the battery replacement demand is limited, thereby reducing the number of waste cells in the supply chain. This forces the regenerative lead smelter to pay higher prices to ensure raw materials supply.

A waste battery dealer said that the price of waste batteries a year is 35 cents per pound, and a battery manufacturer is known: "All smelters want to maintain full-load operation, so they pay higher than normal level. In the past 30 During the date, the waste battery price is rising to a record high .. The current price is 40-45 cents per pound, "the price of waste batteries has been lacking boosts, the waste lead-acid battery is used for 90% lead production in the United States. .  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery