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Leakage detection method of automotive battery

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Leakage detection method of automotive batteryAutomotive battery is a lead-acid battery, with industrial forklift battery, and the energy storage battery is the same medium. So, as a lead-acid battery, there will be the possibility of leakage, based on the daily maintenance of the owner, summarize a few summary Automotive battery leakage detection method:

First, the battery is charged for 3 h, and the vehicle is activated after the electricity, and the generator charging voltage is measured, and the idle charging voltage is 13.5V. Open the headlights and blowers, etc. to increase generator load, and the charging voltage dropped to 12.4V. Improve engine speed to 1500R / min, generator output voltage of 13V. Then use the Ford special diagnostic tool WDS to enter the PCM to view the data stream of the generator, no abnormalities, so that the generator charging is basically normal.

Using the multimeter to detect the parasitic current of the body appliance, remove the battery negative pile head, connect the battery negative electrode and the body of the vehicle with a multimeter, lock the vehicle, and the current value is dropped to 200 mA. Since the GEM has a delay standby time for 20 minutes. This time will keep 200 mA of currents basically unchanged. After 20 minutes, the value of current table drops to 50 mA, indicating that there is a leakage phenomenon in other parts of the vehicle (the normal value should be 2 mA). Exploring the leakage, observe the current meter, and the current drops to 2 mA when the P7 is pulled. The distribution part of the reading circuit diagram is found that F68, F60, F65, F66, F70, F71, F72, F73, F70, F71, F72, F73, F70, F71, F72, F73, F74, and battery saving relay, which are powered from the F7 insurance. Each insurance is dial-by one, when dialing the power supply relay, the current value drops to normal.

Since the power-on relay is controlled by GEM, the GEM is replaced with the fault is not excluded. Does the doors and windows are controlled by GEM, will there be a problem with the doors and windows? Check the gate window circuit, put it back to the original car GEM, and the fault is still not excluded. The circuit diagram is again queried. All small fuses powered by F7 (50A) are checked with the line involved. The insurance F61, F62 is powered on the window, and F99 is powered on the door light. That is to say, the F61, F62 can be judged. There is no problem in the gate, which can affirm that the control line of the battery saving relay is short-circuited. It is detected as a short circuit in the line.

The fault disappears after processing the electric wire wear.

1 When repairing the fault of the battery loss, you should first confirm whether it is caused, such as whether the owner forgets to close various lights, unauthorized installation of various electrical equipment. If there is no problem, the battery is charged, and the leakage of the body appliance is examined one by one. The battery check should be observed to see if the visual hole is green, and then the waveform and operating frequency are detected, which can correctly determine whether the charging condition is normal.

2 When the body appliance is leaked, it cannot be used with a small bulb strand battery negative electrode to the body grounding wire, which cannot reflect the real situation of leakage, and must be used to read the leakage current with the tester to detect current functions. If the current value of the test is a normal range, the time to deal with the test is extended to correctly determine the fault, and the quality of maintenance is improved. Now the sedan configuration is getting rich, many of which are generally universal, just the loaded procedures. With the continuous upgrades of automotive technology, the hardware failure rate of automobile control system in the future will be lower and lower, and the soft failure rate caused by the error signal will continue to rise. 


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