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Light wind energy generation profit and cheats and battery energy storage

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Light wind energy generation profit and cheats and battery energy storage   Throughout the world, the energy situation is not optimistic, the coal resources are more scarce, with the current consumption speed, less than 2050; the price of oil resources continues to soar, the oil competition in the world is more increasing; environmental pollution problems Empty neglect has become a general concern of global countries.

   Electrical energy is generally favored by a clean renewable secondary energy, but the power industry is quite huge for one energy, so it is gradually received by a clean energy to generate electricity. Wind energy is active. However, wind energy is also present in this difficult problem, such as wind power and net-to-system impact and wind power planning is a real problem in front of you.

   First, wind energy power generation is highlighted

   1. Wind energy power generation is huge for the annual contribution

   The amount of wind energy resources is high, the wind power is highlighted, and the wind power in the world is rapid. 2% of the solar energy to the earth can be converted into a wind energy, in this case, the total wind energy is larger than the amount of water, some people calculate, only 1% of the ground wind, can meet global power generation energy needs. Moreover, the wind energy power generation has no damage to the environment, as long as the necessary harvesting power generation device can be constructed, it is necessary to build dam water storage power generation, it will inevitably make some indisputable changes to the environment, which will affect local Ecological development and original natural landscape, sometimes even affect the living life. For greenhouse gas discharge problems caused by power generation, the coal-fired electricity is most serious, and the fuel fire is less, less nuclear power, and the low wind power. Nuclear power is almost the same as the wind, the wind power is similar, compared to two quantities compared to the thermal power, but the pollution problem of nuclear power has no choice but to solve it, so wind power has a unique advantage. From an economic perspective, wind power is more huge, which can be described as a million maintenance, only less maintenance costs in the early stage of the tailor power generation equipment and later, do not need to settle in an indefinite cost of indefinite costs like thermal power. In addition, thermoelectric equipment such as thermoelectric nuclead must also withstand high temperature and high pressure, and wind power does not have this excess worry.

   2. Wind power generation is rapid in the world

   Because of the great advantage of realizing wind power, all countries in the world began to compete for development wind power generation. The world’s wind power development has been carried out before, and the wind power in the world has reached 10,000 MW in 1999, and it is more awkward. This figure has been doubled in 2000. More than MW, in 2005, more than 30,000 MW. Wind power development is mainly based on Europe, accounting for 2/3 of total wind power, and North America accounts for 1/5. Asia is 1/8. Germany as the first big country in Wind Power, the total wind power is 15688MW, accounting for 6.2% of the total power generation of the country, accounting for 33% of the total world wind power. Due to the development of wind power, Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions is reduced, in 2004, Germany has built more than 1,200 power generation windmills, and the installed capacity exceeds 2000MW, ranking first in the world. The current relative wind power is Denmark. The current wind power has exceeded 10% of the total power generation of electricity, and Denmark is planned to 2030, and wind power will account for 50% of the total power generation. my country’s wind power business is also rapid, and has been ranked 10 in the world in 1997, and it is expected that there will be greater progress this year. my country’s wind resources are quite rich, ranking first in the world, so the development potential is very huge. The development is still very insufficient, mainly in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Coastal, but has not formed a real scale, which is waiting for further development.

   Second, wind power generation problem can not be ignored

   In the huge advantage of wind power, it cannot be blindly optimistic. After all, the problems caused by wind power have not been completely solved, waiting to continue research and effort.

   Wind power grid

   The wind power generation is not a small impact on the system, which will affect the voltage fluctuation and power quality of the system, and also cause harmonic pollution. Among them, voltage fluctuations and flashes caused by wind power and network are mainly negative impacts of wind power grid. Voltage fluctuation is a series of voltage variations or periodic changes in the power frequency voltage envelope line, and the flash is the subjective vision of people’s light illuminance fluctuations. Although the wind turbine is mostly soft, it will still produce a large impact current when starting, so that the power of the wind turbine output is unstable, which in turn leads to fluctuations and flashes of the voltage. The fluctuation and flash of the voltage will flash the light, the TV screen is unstable, the motor speed changes seriously affect the quality of industrial products, and in some special industrial voltage instability, some precision instruments will have measurement errors, while still Major accident. In addition to voltage problems, wind power grid will also introduce harmonic pollution. Variable speed fans need to be rectified and inverted device access systems, because wind speeds do not stabilize in a specific value, therefore causes a large number of harmonic pollution. Although harmonic pollution has a large impact on wind power, it is much smaller than voltage fluctuations.

   2. Influence of wind power on power grid power and transient stability

   Wind power generation is unpredictable due to wind speed changes, so that wind power is constantly oscillating, when the disturbance frequency of wind power is close to the inherent oscillation frequency, the power oscillation, and the oscillation frequency, it will cause a large amplitude. Power oscillation, and the amplitude of oscillation changes with the amplitude of disturbance. The disturbance amplitude is not only related to the wind-electric disturbance, but also related to the parameters of the system itself, so it can be considered to reduce disturbance of disturbance to the power grid from two aspects. Wind power network will not only impact power oscillations for system industries, but also affect the transient stability of the system. Of course, this effect is slightly negligible when the wind power installed capacity is small, but when the wind power has a more share in the system, this effect cannot be ignored, otherwise the system is likely to vibrate when the wind power of the network is suddenly changed.遨 遨 遨 天 运 失 失 失 失 失 失 失 失 失. In short, if the wind power of the wind power of the network is high and the system is fragile, the negative impact of the grid is very huge.

   Third, battery energy storage

   As the development of cleaning energy, wind power has become more concerned about electric power staff. However, as a intermittent energy, the prediction accuracy of wind energy resources does not fully comply with the requirements of electricity system on power quality, seeking new ways to solve wind power on the system’s impact, naturally, the goal of many power industry staff . The reactive power compensator can quickly compensate for reactive power, maintaining the stability of the wind power supply access point voltage, but does not adjust the active power of the wind farm output. The battery energy storage system can solve this problem with better solving, so that the stability of the internet voltage can be compensated for powerless power to adversely affect the system. A flexible alternating power transmission system composed of a battery pack, a rectifier device, and an inverter device can be selected as an energy storage system.

   Fourth, conclusion

   As a clean energy in the 21st century, it has a considerable appeal today, and the world has a significant appeal today, and the world has developed wind power technology to replace traditional coal-fired and fuel-fired electricity. In terms of wind power development, Germany and Denmark and other countries, my country’s wind power is more developed than before, but there is a big gap between the world’s advanced level. In terms of wind power development, in addition to seeing its advantages, the disadvantage does not overlook, and the impact of power system voltage and power is worthy of in-depth exploration and research. At present, the battery energy storage technology can solve less wind power on the system’s impact, and there is still a lot of work to be made by wind power. 


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