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Lithium battery and lead acid, polymer battery various characteristics

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Lithium battery and lead acid, polymer battery various characteristicsLithium battery has no memory effect; battery can charge and discharge, battery self-discharge, monthly discharge is less than 1%, battery can be stored for a long time; powerful, can be quickly charged, 20 minutes can overload 80%, 15 minutes, 15 minutes Ability to put the electrical. The battery has a memory effect. It cannot be charged at any time; if there is a serious self-discharge phenomenon, the battery is placed for a period of time is easy to scrap; the discharge ratio is small, and it is not a long time to electrify electricity.

Common lithium battery operating temperatures are -20-60 degrees Celsius, but the performance of lithium battery will fall in general lower than 0 ¡ã C, discharge can be reduced accordingly, so the lithium battery performance is complete, common is 0 ~ 40 ¡ã C. The temperature of the lithium battery in some special environmental requests is different, and some can be operated normally in the environments of hundreds of degrees Celsius. When the operating temperature of the battery is between 20 ¡ã C to 25 ¡ã C, when it is less than 15 ¡ã C, the discharge capacity is down, the temperature is reduced by 1 ¡ã C, and its capacity landed by 1%, and the temperature is too high (greater than 30 ¡ã C). It will be greatly shortened.

The polymer battery can be thin, and the inexplicrel is derived, and the reason is that the electrolyte can be solid-collapsed rather than liquid state, the lithium battery is electrolyte, demand a consolidated housing as a secondary package tolerant electrolyte . Thus, this also enables the lithium battery to increase  


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