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Lithium-ion battery positive material inquiry

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Lithium-ion battery positive material inquiryFrom the positive electrode of the lithium-ion battery, the transition metal oxide positively clearly higher than the poly-annual positive electrode (such as phosphate), and its general molecular formula can be represented by LIMO2, where M represents LIMO2. Transition metal.

From the current research results, if m is a single metal element, it takes into account the stability of the material structure, the normal electrode material is often limited to 1, and if M is a variety of transition metals, then One of the metals of metal atoms may exceed 1, but the average electron transfer number is basically limited to 1.

If the relative atomic mass of the transition metal element is 50, the theoretical specific capacity of the transition metal oxide positive electrode is about 300 mAh ¡¤ g-1. Considering the stability of the molecular structure of the material, the lithium ion is not completely detached. If 80% of lithium ions are reversibly embed, the specific capacity of the material is about 240 mAh ¡¤ g-1. This value may be the limit of the transition metal oxide positive electrod 


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