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Main preparation method of MnO2 in lithium battery

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Main preparation method of MnO2 in lithium batteryMnO2 nanomaterial, today as a lithium battery negative application, in acidic media, 120 ¡ã C and 180 ¡ã C conditions can be linearized manganese oxide, while the conditions of flowers of anthocyclic manganese oxide are obtained at 150 ¡ã C, and the antimony caride oxide has good repository. Performance, charge and discharge test at 100 mA / g current densities, 50 cycles After the charge and discharge capacity is stable in 125 mAh / g, Kurlen efficiency reaches 99%. Almost all of the oxides of the variable metal have a certain embedded, deod lithium properties, wherein the most compelling of MnO2 and V2O5, the study of iron-based oxides has also developed in recent years. The MnO2 raw material is rich, low, and has simple preparation method, and has excellent ionic conductivity and higher embedded, de-depth discharge capacity (up to 200mA. H / g), in the late retrofit and absence The electrode polarization in the reaction is small, thereby having a large development potential, which is expected to be applied in a lithium ion battery, and the main preparation method of MnO2 has a chemical precipitation method, low-stripping phase reaction method and electrochemical method, etc. Layered structure. Embedded, explosion potential of about 3V (vs, li / li +), theoretically more than 442mA. H / g, rich resources, low price. With broad development prospects, iron oxides have obvious advantages in raw materials prices and environmental friendship, including 7-Fe, 03, Gangyati structure of the spinel structure, A-FEZ 03 and spine structure Both Fe3O4 can be used as a cathode material of the ion battery, and since this, since all oxides are used as a cathode material for the R batter, this material is also difficult to in the commercial lithium ion battery in the near stage. Applicatio 


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