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Maintaining the structure characteristics of lead-acid battery

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Maintaining the structure characteristics of lead-acid batteryNo maintenance battery is not maintenance, just to identify the traditional opening plus hydropower bottle, where the maintenance-free battery is also divided into valve-free maintenance, exhaust-free maintenance, valve control for energy storage, emergency power supply, Exhaust type is generally a car boot battery, which can reduce human and time more.

The composition of the maintenance battery is composed of a positive electrode plate, an a negative electrode plate, a baking cotton, a power groove, a battery cover, a safety valve, a bus bar, a terminal, and an electrolyte, and the like. The positive electrode plate grid of the power storage battery uses the EU standard aluminum calcium height tube alloy plate, and the negative plate grid is manufactured with aluminum calculus.

The general battery will generate a polar short circuit and the active substance falling off. In order to reduce this, the partition is made of ultrafine fiberglass. The polar plate is multiferous, and a wall-type approach is used between each single-color plate group, which is only positive and negative electrode piles outside the sealed battery housing. Battery grooves, battery cover are made of high quality ABS engineering plastic, and the pole sealing glue is an epoxy resin, which has flame retardant. 


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