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Maintenance and maintenance of automotive battery

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Maintenance and maintenance of automotive battery1) The electrolyte liquid should always be maintained between Max and MIN, check once a month, and the decline in the level, appropriately supplement distilled water (pure water), do not add acid.

(2) When the voltage is low and the light is dim, it should be charged in time when starting weakness.

(3) Prevent the battery overcharge or long-term loss, overchaulizing the active substance to fall off, the loss will vulcanize the plate, to ensure that the regulator voltage cannot be too high or too low.

(4) During use, the exhaust hole should be checked, and the venting hole should be often checked to prevent or burst the battery.

(5) The battery should be kept from heat and open fire, charging and use, should be kept venting to prevent fire.

(6) Prevent the battery for a long time from discharge, each use startup time cannot be greater than 5 seconds, two consecutive start times, intermediate intervals 10-15 seconds.

(7) The battery is securely installed on the car and the vibration is reduced.

(8) Frequently check whether the battery cable is secure, all live joints must remain good, prevent sparks, causing the battery explosion. The oxide, sulfate, sulfate, must be scratched, and applied to Vaseline to prevent re-rust.

(9) Clear dust dirt on the battery cover and the overflowing electrolyte, keep it clean and dry to prevent self-discharge.

(10) Sealing glue cracking should be repaired in time.

(11) The car is driving in the cold zone, avoiding the battery to be completely discharged to avoid freezing of the electrolyte. 


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